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You can tell it's a rough day for me when I can't even work up the energy to fib about how I'm doing.

If you'll allow me to geek out a little, one of my favorite game designers and I chatted on Twitter, I know there's a lot of garbage fires on social media, but being able to say hey I like your work is a good thing. Especially since I typically don't want to bother anyone so I often say nothing

Yesterday was a good day, the first I had in awhile, got some decent cleaning done, and internalized some important ideas for further fixing of my house, hopefully I can continue this momentum

Okay so this week I only have 1 close-open, progress!

So I'm trying my best to stay positive, but walking into my restaurant and into so much kvetching. It's damn hard some days. Doesn't help that I'm the only manager who isn't going through a ton of personal tragedy, so I'm feeling like I have to be positive cuz everyone else has it worse.

Okay, I recognize I'm not in my 20s, anymore. But nothing drives the point home quite like trying to manage a restaurant on 4 and a half hours of sleep. I'm getting a little tired of these close-open shifts.

The plus side is that my Earthbound inspired adventure will be ready sometime before the heat death of the universe.

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Every 6 months or so I get the urge to brush off my Fudge Homebrew notes and run a quick RPG adventure. Then I remember I haven't the free time I did in my college-days and quietly save those notes into an ever-expanding Word Document.

An employee of mine is leaving for college, after working here for years naturally I made him a cake to remind him that we appreciate him...

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