My Sangria mead went over well, so I'll be making a new batch tonight, assuming I remember to grab an orange to peel.

I know it's a little bit of "when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail", but I'm liking using this finishing salt on a lot of my desserts

Decided to do something different, Dijon style mustard but made with leftover pawpaw wine and spiceberry. Got 48 hours to make pretzels to see how it tastes.

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So here in Bakersfield someone just ran a car through the protesters. But the protesters are somehow the violent ones. Fuck this shit.

So I had a monin mango mix (from a failed icecream attempt), mix it in with some honey and hopefully mango mead in a few months, S.G is at 1.080

My latest wine is another pawpaw, I just love the idea of making a wine that is not commercially available (as far as I know), this time I'm not shooting from the hip, the S.G is 1.060, and after the first round of fermentation I'm gonna but oak chips in this batch, hopefully give it some of that delightful smokey characteristic.

Under the advice of a friend, I've decided to throw some hibiscus flowers into the cider. Makes it a lovely shade and will hopefully give the otherwise straight apple taste a secondary note. I guess we'll find out in a few days.

Yay the cider is really bubbling, I'll probably make this a still cider, with a decent abv.

And now for round 2 of me getting back into brewing, I've got some cider going, this batch'll be just plain, but if it works I've got my eye on some hibiscus flavored cider in the future.

The mead is done fermenting, so now it's onto the aging process, one I'm gonna age at least until pi day. I've got one gallon that's pretty clear by itself, this 2nd gallon I'm gonna have to get some gelatin and clear it, this one'll be my drinking mead, so no extra aging.

Just racked the mead, I've got 2 1 gallon jugs now, I'm liking the flavor, but I'm hoping this'll get the yeast working their magic just a little longer, it looks like about 5% ABV, I'd prefer at least 8%, as I feel a dryer mead would work well with this flavor.

We have fermentation! It's a little slow, which I'm hoping is because my house is on the cooler side and not because of any other issues.

It's been a long time since I've last tried to homebrew anything, but in a few months hopefully this paw-paw mead will turn out, and if not, well, at least it'll be a learning experience.

A lot of my friends love high level play, like playing spellcasters with many fiddly choices, the downside of that is it slows combat down far too much for my liking. I'm a "shoot from the hip kinda player. So many of my notes revolve around making combat fast and over quickly, giving the players some tactical choices but not as many as a "well I have 20 different spells to choose from, each one requiring multiple rolls to resolve, hope everyone else has a book ready, this'll take awhile.

As I'm complieing all my various Fudge notes, I can't help but notice how so many of my ideas are in direct response to other RPGs that I was playing at the time. In my college era notes you see my growing annoyance with D&D 3.5, and the exact same issues cropped up again with the notes I wrote while playing Pathfinder 2 years ago.

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Greatest healthcare in the world, I'm more worried about the ER copays than whatevers festering in my lungs.

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This has been an annoying week, granted I agreed to work on my off day, but still 7 days in a row, right before Christmas. At least I'm hourly so I've got a good chunk of OT on its way.

In the mail I got a coupon for a restaurant for my birthday! For a restaurant I've never visited... so all I know about this place is that they'll buy personal information, and use it in marketing. Not to sound like a stick-in-the-mud, but I think I shall pass on this place.

The nice thing about my new job, is that it isn't as constantly stressful as my last, the employees don't need me to hold their hands constantly, which gives me more time to actually bunker down and write up some of these Fudge One-shot ideas that have been bobbing around my head for the past, 5 years, dang.

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