One of my pawpaw trees for sure survived the winter, not sure about the other but they might leaf out later. Still want to plant more along the back of my backyard.

Got some trolls trying to be mean spirited earlier this week on here. A quick blocking later they are gone, but it's freaking hilarious how little value they place on their own time to spend it harassing people with a little flag in their bios. Bless their hearts.

hmm, the chai mead is still pretty sweet, but I was a dumb and forgot to write done that starting specific gravity. but it's at 1.045ish right now, I'll check again in a week to see if this guy is finished

So my Chai Mark 2 Mead is still bubbling away, and I've got a batch a mesquite honey cyser started (SG 1.100), if those batches work out I'll be set for gifts.

My quest to explore more areas of Cincinnati lead me to Shawnee Lookout last week, nice and quiet with lots of pawpaws and a stunning view of the Ohio River.

My house is almost to the point that I'd be happy to have guests over, probably the first time I've felt that way in years. Slowly but surly getting things repaired or replaced. And the plus side this means I should buy more bookshelves.

The good news is that I've got a new job, I'll talk to the managers and make sure my preference for morning shifts is known. I have no issue being a team player, but I also need to start looking out for my best interests.

It's official, I've figured out why I hate closing so much, in my brain I can't start any major projects in the morning because I'm so terrified about being late for work, couple that with my own circadian rhythm leaving me tired of people around 8pm, and it's a nice combo for annoyance at work. Alas because the last few business I've been at think "Oh Utka's single, so no significant other so their evenings are free" it's taken me this long to point all the data points together.

Okay so 1 pound, honey, filled up with ALDI apple juice, and 2oz dried apples, S.G 1.085, now for the waiting.

I have to stop myself when I say "got the shot, helping things get back to normal." I don't want things to return to the pre-covid status quo, I want society to stay willing to make accommodations for people. I want those of us who've experienced personal growth to not feel like we have to get back to conforming to social norms. And I hope that we start taking public good and public health more seriously.

Got stabbed yesterday! Halfway to doing my part into getting society back to being social.

I've worked retail for the majority of my adult life, heck aside from a 2 year-ish stint at a doctor's office it's been all retail all the time. So the rare occasions when I get two days off in a row, I'm blown away by how much I can accomplish. Leisure breakfast, visiting stores, cleaning house, and a full night sleep? And I'm not "well I don't have another day off for 6 days, I know it's raining but I have to do this", I guess this is another nail in the get outta retail coffin I'm building/

Slowly but surly figuring out what plants I want to plant this year, last year was fixing things inside this year should be fixing the outside

Fingers crossed but by mid-march I should have a very nice lemon lavender mead, maybe I've been using herbs de provance too much but right now I've been having a lot of fun working with floral flavors again.

Yesterday, well, day before yesterday was a good day, had a long conversation with a friend who's known me for over 20 years. It was both good to listen to her and to realize how much I've changed over the years.

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