Okay so 1 pound, honey, filled up with ALDI apple juice, and 2oz dried apples, S.G 1.085, now for the waiting.

I have to stop myself when I say "got the shot, helping things get back to normal." I don't want things to return to the pre-covid status quo, I want society to stay willing to make accommodations for people. I want those of us who've experienced personal growth to not feel like we have to get back to conforming to social norms. And I hope that we start taking public good and public health more seriously.

Got stabbed yesterday! Halfway to doing my part into getting society back to being social.

I've worked retail for the majority of my adult life, heck aside from a 2 year-ish stint at a doctor's office it's been all retail all the time. So the rare occasions when I get two days off in a row, I'm blown away by how much I can accomplish. Leisure breakfast, visiting stores, cleaning house, and a full night sleep? And I'm not "well I don't have another day off for 6 days, I know it's raining but I have to do this", I guess this is another nail in the get outta retail coffin I'm building/

Slowly but surly figuring out what plants I want to plant this year, last year was fixing things inside this year should be fixing the outside

Fingers crossed but by mid-march I should have a very nice lemon lavender mead, maybe I've been using herbs de provance too much but right now I've been having a lot of fun working with floral flavors again.

Yesterday, well, day before yesterday was a good day, had a long conversation with a friend who's known me for over 20 years. It was both good to listen to her and to realize how much I've changed over the years.

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